• Welcome to the website of HOYA GROUP Opto Device Division.
  • Design, manufacture and sales of plastics-applied high-precision optical lenses.
  • Plastic lenses for optical discs

    Optical disc drive standard

    Compatible diffractive object lenses

    ・For DVDs and CDs
     Compatible with two types of media
    ・For BDs
    ・For BDs, DVDs, CDs
     Compatible with three types of media

    For details, refer to

  • Plastic lenses for cameras

    Expanding the possibilities of digital cameras

    Plastic lenses for cameras

    For details, refer to

  • Laser scanning unit

    ultra-high speed and ultra-high precision

    Laser scanning units

    ・Compact and multi-beam types
    ・Tandem type
    ・On-demand type

    For details, refer to

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